Visit to Interceramic (México)

Jody in the flagship Inteceramic show room in Chihuahua, Mexico. We left feeling inspired and full of ideas for our own show room!

At the newest factory in Chihuahua

These are some of the largest tile ovens in the world. Each line is 220 metres long and 2.95 metres wide. This particular factory has four lines of ovens working 24/7 - that is almost 9km of tiles being baked at one time! Interceramic teamed up with the Italian tile manufacturer “BACMI Italia” to share technology and develop these world class ovens.

Rainbow Ovens

The ovens are colour coded to show the temperature –the hottest being red, cooling down to orange and yellow, and finally ending with blue. The tiles slowly pass through the ovens while gradually cooling down to prevent thermal shock. The heat was intense!

Cooling Down

The ovens are now at their coolest. The tiles will be tested and then ready for packing and sent on their way!

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